We Are The Baltimore Teacher Network


We Are The Baltimore Teacher Network


We Are The Baltimore Teacher Network

Our Mission

Our Mission is to grow, sustain, and retain a vibrant group of professional teachers in Baltimore who: mutually support each other's teaching practice; influence local school reform policy through public debates and publications; and jointly create work environments that encourage true teacher leadership and on-going innovation.

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The Baltimore Teachers Network was founded in 1998 by a group of teachers and administrators associated with the Resident Teacher Program. They recognized the political nature of their work and the need for teacher support that was based on the experience of teachers and their classrooms.

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Young Scholars in Service (YSIS)

BTN and ConneXions has partnered to develop an academic, social and artistic community learning center that enriches the lives of our students, their parents and families. The Young Scholars in Service (YSIS) after school enrichment program aims to be a cluster of academic clinics highlighting curriculum aligned with Maryland's College & Career Readiness Standards and Common Core...

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Teacher Resource Center

BTN operates a Teacher Resource Center at 2701 N. Charles Street, Suite 401. This is a space where teachers, para educators, parents, and community activists can sit and talk as they interpret the complex landscape of urban teaching. BTN operates from the belief that the most effective classrooms are ones in which: teachers and paras know how to develop one-on-one relationships with parents; in which teachers, paras, and students understand the history and social context of Baltimore; and in which all stakeholders collaborate to bridge cultural divides. For a low annual fee, the TRC provides on-site services such as: mentoring, a lending library, a teachers' resource exchange, assistance with grant writing, workshops for new teachers, space for independently run teacher groups, a retreat location for faculty groups from schools, a Friday night Teacheasy, and practical/reflective sessions where teachers connect out in the community with parents on issues of mutal concern.


The TRC offers many benefits to members.
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Apply For Membership

Please CONTACT US to apply for general membership. Please indicate your interest in being on the organizing committee or let a staff member at the center know that you are interested.

Call us at: 410-469-9902, or Email us: rhowell@btnetwork.org

Is a Charitable Fundraising Event, with keynote speaker Elijah Cummings,
of Maryland's 75th Congressional District

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Events, News, & Current Projects

BTN's "Violence In Our Public Schools" Open Forum

Come join us in an open forum to tackle the issue of violence in our schools
with a panel of Teachers, parents, & students on April 27th, 6PM until 9PM. Learn More.

BTN 2015 Annual "Beacon of Light" Awards Ceremony

A Charitable Fundraising Event, with keynote speaker Ben T. Jealous,
Former NAACP CEO & President, Education and Civil Rights Advocate. Learn More.

Now Available - Our Newsletter:The Voice

Issue #1 of The Voice is now available. Download it here.

Teacher Forum, Thursday, April 3rd at 5:00 pm at 1430 Carswell Street

Session topics are:
  • A Panel Discussion and Updates on the New System of Teacher Evaluation
  • Examining the Intersections of Race and Class in the Classroom
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Race in the Classroom Teacher Inquiry Group (TIG), Wednesday, February 5th and 19th

This Teacher Inquiry Group invites participants to explore our individual racial identity and investigate race in our own practices,
particularly in the classroom, and beyond.

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Teacher Evaluation Teacher Inquiry Group (TIG) Monday, February 10th

This Teacher Inquiry Group (TIG) will investigate issues surrounding the implementation of new teacher evaluation systems. How do we identify a good teacher? How do teachers experience systemic attempts to balance formative feedback for improvement and summative decisions about their job status?

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BTN Online Community Development

Through our Web site BTN provides a catalyst for well-informed, thoughtful, praxis-oriented conversations surrounding issues of teacher professionalism and teacher voice in classroom practice and education policy. Our focus is on participatory action research and publication.

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UMBC BreakingGround partnership

The University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) has recently rolled out a project called BreakingGround. This is a campus-wide conversation around civic engagement. BTN has partnered with UMBC and BreakingGround to provide Baltimore teachers and education activists with an opportunity to connect to faculty and graduate students for the development of action research projects around encouraging and supporting teacher voice.

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Future Discussions and Events

Future discussion and event topics will emerge from our webpage blog entries and subsequent member contributions. Where appropriate BTN's Committee for Teacher Voice organizes face-to-face teacher symposia. Through these in-person symposia, Baltimore area teachers and university faculty and graduate students can come together to discuss the dilemmas of teacher professionalism and teacher voice, to present the results of action research, and to create connections leading to future action research projects and papers.

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